Reasons I smiled this week, 21st Edition!

Good morning beautiful humans, Happy Saturday! How was your week? I hope it was filled with lots of turkey, sweet potato pie, family, friends, football, beer and wine! Welcome to my weekly Edition of reasons I smiled! Come on in……

Life with Lane
“Reasons I Smiled this week, 21st Edition!”

Before I start talking about the reasons I smiled this week, I want to say that Monday was a trying day. I cried but I made it through. Life isn’t always butterflies and sunshine but making it through rough times is what makes us strong. Focusing on what’s good instead of the bad is good for the soul. Thank you God!

With that being said, I had so many things to smile about this week. Regardless of it starting off rocky my week was quite lovely. Its Thanksgiving week; my favorite holiday EVER!

I finally did the maternity/family photoshoot for my best friend Cassy and her family on Sunday! The pictures turned out incredibly beautiful. The weather was perfect, the kids behaved, they didnt get dirty, and they tried to follow directions, lol! Oh and it only took two hours πŸ˜‚

After the photoshoot, they treated me to a delicious brunch at The Big Easy! It’s a restaurant inspired by New Orleans. It’s a really nice place and I didn’t realize how big it was. Most of the servers had on Drew Brees jerseys. It was awesome.

Mom’s home cooking

Wednesday when we arrived home my beautiful Mother cooked us dinner. She always ask me what I want for dinner before we get home. I wanted homemade mashed potatoes, fried chicken, and cornbread. So, that’s exactly what I got and it was delicious. No leftovers in this house, lol!

Thanksgiving always makes me smile! I’m with my family! My big brother just moved into his new house so we had Thanksgiving there. Such a beautiful house and his tree, oh my! It was like a tree from a movie. I took so many pictures in front of it. There was probably a total of 25 of us I think. So much family, food, and fun!

That food was delicious. I was only missing turkey on that plate but it was pretty full. Side note, I only had one plate of food. Probably because I had like 2 glasses of wine right before we ate. My Mom made the dressing and it was soooooo good! I mean all the food was good but that’s my favorite.

My red dress, a gift from from favorite Aunt, my Aunt Pie, was my Christmas gift 2 years ago. This was actually my first time wearing it. I only wore it when I tried it on and it fit really good. It fits better now though because I gained a little weight. She always buys me the best clothes for Christmas. My sister being in the picture is a bonus 😊

Half of my Squad! The others were probably eating or getting to go plates. This made me smile because I haven’t seen my youngest sister, Kaylin, in years. She’s the one in the stripes. Next to the youngest, Carly, has the curly hair and looks tipsy, lol! In case I haven’t mentioned it, my Dad has been married a few times and I have half sisters. There they are, lol! Well, my oldest sister Karren isn’t but you’ve seen her in pictures before. We all look alike. I got the tall gene though.

Me and my son Onyx

Of course my Onyx is the reason I smile, every morning, every day! He’s the gift that keeps on giving. Yes, we are dressed alike, lol! He needs a new sweater. That’s on his Christmas wishlist. Feel free to send him one but no red one though. My niece took this lovely picture of us on Thanksgiving morning.

Thanks for reading my blog! What made you smile this week? Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

Life with Lane

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