Healing Power of Aloe Vera part 3

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Life with Lane
Healing Power of Aloe Vera part 3

I’ve always had issues with my skin. As a teenager, I constantly broke out. I was left with horrible scars on my face. I was sure this would stop once I became an adult. Of course I was wrong. The problems occurred off and one in my adulthood. It was so upsetting.

I have a friend that sells Mary Kay and I asked her if she had something for oily skin and breakouts. She introduced me to two new products and both of them made my skin worse. So, I went with the natural route because nothing else seemed to work.

I started putting aloe vera on my face. I would show you a before picture but I didn’t like taking pictures during these times. So, as I was saying, I started putting aloe vera on my face. I have several aloe vera plants outside. I just grab one from the plant and I cut it open and put it directly on my skin. After a few weeks I stopped breaking out and my scars went away. It was like magic.

I also put it under my eyes when I dont sleep well to reduce puffiness and it help with dark circles if I have them.

I’ve said this before, Onyx had a spot on his back where he lost his hair and I put fresh aloe vera on him twice a day and his hair grew back! I love aloe vera and I highly suggest giving it a try!

I love aloe vera

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Life with Lane

6 thoughts on “Healing Power of Aloe Vera part 3

  1. Look gorgeous in both❤️
    Aloe vera is just magical! It’s always been one of my favorite natural ingredients. Thanks a lot for sharing these benefits of Aloe vera, some were completely new to me. Now I love Aloe vera more😍

    Have a wonderful day my friend
    Stay blessed ❤️


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