15 More Random Things About Me!

Life with Lane
“15 More Random things about me!”

Hi friends, occasionally I like to throw out random facts about myself. I haven’t done it in awhile so I figured today was a good day. Why not use this lovely Sunday to tell you guys random things me, lol!

1. I wanted to be a pediatrician or a surgeon when I was a child.

2. My horrific fear of blood and sensitive nature turned me away from both of those things.

3. I’m severely claustrophobic.

4. I love wearing the color tan.

5. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

6. I think I look better in pictures than I do in real life. (Crazy I know, lol)

7. I can’t dance (my niece has video).

8. I think dolls are creepy. Like they’re probably alive at night time (see Child’s Play for reference).

9. I absolutely will not go shopping with a group or women.

10. I hate clothes shopping.

11. 1 hour is my limit when shopping.

12. In my head I can play piano like Mozart.

13. I wish I knew how to play the piano.

14. I think peas are the devil (see my Mother for explanation).

15. I can’t walk straight (ask my sister Danielle or anyone walking next to me 🤣)

Thanks for reading my blog about random things about me. What are some random things about you? Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

Life with Lane

11 thoughts on “15 More Random Things About Me!

  1. Thanks for sharing. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as well. You are very photogenic which is a good thing. I bet you are as beautiful as your picture.. happy sunday

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  2. Love your random facts. I wanted to be a singer-songwriter and actress and still want to be an actress. I’m terrified of drowning. I’m also claustrophobic. I love wearing the color blue. I can dance and love it! I took six years of modern hip hop. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays as well. Keep the positivity momentum going 🙂


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