He just wanted to run!

Life with Lane
“He Just Wanted to Run!”

Next week will be the 9 month anniversary of my sweet Dusty’s passing. I miss my little guy every single day. Yesterday when I was walking Onyx, we saw 2 schnoodles that looked alot like Dusty. Made my heart smile.

In the picture above, I was on the other side of my sisters yard. He saw me and he ran as fast as he could to get me. Dusty loved to run.

The day before his last day he wasn’t able to walk anymore. His last seizure was so bad, it took away his ability to walk. I cried so much not only because I knew what I had to do but because he wasn’t able to do what he loved most.

He just wanted to run! So, my wish for every pup is to be able to run, to be free! To be in a loving home, with humans that love him/her. To have a yard to run in! The last week of October was adopt a dog week. I’m late but if you have the chance, adopt a pup and let him run!

Thanks for reading my blog yet again honoring my sweet Dusty! Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14 Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind!

Life with Lane

5 thoughts on “He just wanted to run!

  1. Dusty’s end was similar to my pups end. One day he just couldn’t walk anymore and was a prisoner in his own body. The end was the most humane, yet most difficult thing a person who loves their companion can do. My condolences to you, my fellow dog lover.


  2. It is hard when we lose our fur-children. My last boxer, Elliot, loved to run but could barely walk the last couple of weeks of his life and not at all for the last two days, so I understand.


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