My favorite dishes of my 38th year!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Friday! As you know it’s my birthday week, my big day is tomorrow. This week I’ve been sharing with you my favorite things from my 38 year on this planet! Welcome to Life with Lane, come on in!

Deep Blu

Today I am sharing with you my favorite dishes from my 38th year. As you all know I love to eat, I am a foodie! I’ve been to several different restaurants. I love eating and trying different food. This is in no particular order; except for the last picture you’ll see on here.

It was very hard picking out my favorite dishes because I’ve been to so many different restaurants. I mean I went to Europe for the 1st time and tje food was to die for over there. It was especially delicious in Paris.

The 1st picture that you see was during magical dining. I was at the restaurant Deep Blu. Its located at one of the Disney Resorts in Lake Buena Vista. I had crab ink pasta. At least I believe that’s what I had, lol! That pasta was absolutely delicious. It had so much crab in it I just couldn’t believe it. Crab in every single bite. My crab cake appetizer was scrumptious. The whole experience was lovely.

The picture above isn’t exactly one of my favorite dishes of the year. Going to the restaurant and having margaritas and fajitas on Tuesday’s was my favorite things of my 38th year! I have a new love for margaritas, especially strawberry ones. I know that isn’t a margarita in my hand, lol! That’s actually dos equis. Pretty good beer actually.

That scrumptious meal above is from Market to Table. An amazing restaurant in Winter Garden. I do believe that is the best short rib I’ve ever had in my life. I mean, the meat just fell off the bone. It was so tender and juicy. Oh, and let’s not talk about how tasty that calamari was. Chef Ryan is the best. I could eat there everyday.

I’ve posted this before, mouth watering frog legs I had in Paris. I almost licked the plate, lol! Definitely one of my faves.

This wasn’t exactly a dish but eating croissants in Paris is what you do when you go there! They were so moist and they melted in my mouth. I was in heaven. I ate and I kid you not about 30-50 croissants while in Europe. However, on that particular day I ate it with a glass of champagne.

Flight of St. Louis in Rust, Germany

That was the best lobster bisque and cesar salad ever! I was in Rust, Germany, which is where Europa Park is located. Its amazing how something so simple can be like the best thing ever!


I don’t know what kind of dressing that was on my salad but it was the best dressing ever, lol! That was hands down one of the best meals I’ve ever had! I didn’t order schnitzel because it was pork but it looked good.

The food wasn’t that great but the experience of having dinner at the Eiffel Tower was the best thing EVER! I will cherish that experience forever.

Dinner at Red Lobster with my Queen

Although I had so many delicious, amazing,scrumptious meals during my 38th year on the planet my favorite meal was the food I had from Red Lobster. You may be thinking to yourself how in the world could you pick red lobster? The reason is because I was with my mother. I haven’t had dinner at a restaurant with my mother just the 2 of us in years. So this was my absolute favorite!!

Thanks for reading my blog about my favorite dishes of my 38th year. What have been yours? What’s your favorite meal? Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind. Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

I’m 29 on this picture, time flies!
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