Happy Halloween

Michael Myers

Happy Halloween beautiful humans! Yes, today is one of my favorite days! Why do I love Halloween so much? Well, I’ll tell you why. Its because I get to dress up in costume without having to explain why, lol! Anyone who knows me, knows I love dressing up. One year for Thanksgiving I wore my gypsy costume. No one asked why though, lol! My family is used to my shenanigans by now.

Me as Dorothy

I mean in July I dressed up as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz just because. Again, my family asked no questions once they saw my costume. I mean I was incredibly adorable so why would they, lol!


My favorite costume for years has been my gypsy. I think I’ve had it for years and I look really cute in it. One year I need to dress as something weird. However, that doesn’t really suit my character. Still, I might do it though.

Above I am dressed as a flapper girl. This maybe my favorite costume. I know I say that about my gypsy costume but I have to admit I really look really stunning as a flapper girl. Clearly I have no problem with self-esteem, lol!

My sister Danielle and I

Last year my sister Danielle and I dressed as Michael Jackson and his video vixen from The Way You Make Me Feel. It was actually her idea. I wanted to be Michael Jackson and Ruby Dee from the thriller video. However the costumes from this video was easier to pull off. I think we nailed it!

This year’s costume

This year I wanted to go as Beyonce. This was supposed be her outfit that she opened Cochella with but it didn’t quite work out. I could be find the hat, the cobra pinp cane was too short, and my cape wasn’t thick enough. I still took pictures though! Needless to say, I love Halloween. Plus, there’s nothing cuter than seeing little kids in costumes!

Thanks for reading my blog. Do you like Halloween? Do you dress in costume? Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind. Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

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