Reasons I smiled this week, 16th Edition

Hi there beautiful humans, happy Saturday! How was your week? I hope it was amazing, productive, innovative, filled with love, family, friends, and blessings!

Me and my beautiful Mother!
Life with Lane

I went home to Alabama to be with my Mother for her 65th birthday! I mean, have you ever seen such a beautiful woman? Just look at that face 😍. Those cheekbones, those lips, pure perfection! Onyx and I left early Saturday morning so we would arrive in the afternoon. We ran into some rain but we made it there in good time. He absolutely loves my Mother. It’s like he knows that’s his Grandma. He was all smiles the entire weekend.

My beautiful Momma!

My stunning Mother turned 65 on Monday. What a great way to start the week. Such a blessing to be there with her and my family to celebrate her day. Not many people make it to 65 years of age, so that is a blessing. We went to church on Sunday and had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. I hadn’t been there in such a long time; I had forgotten how great the food is. I got my Mom a cupcake cake in the shape of 65. She loved it!

My niece Hannah and my nephew Dallas

My niece and nephew always make me smile. They’re so entertaining. In the picture above we were at Bicentennial Park, they had a haunted hayride. We all went together as a family and we had so much fun. I actually have not been on a hayride since I was in middle school I think. So it’s been about 25 to 30 years!

My old man and his cousins

My little old man got to run around in my sister’s backyard with his cousins. That always makes me smile because he really doesn’t get to do that when we’re home here in Florida. In addition to him being able to run around in the yard without a leash he has his 2 cousins with him and its just so cute.

Ruby Tuesdays

The food at ruby Tuesdays was absolutely delicious. When you don’t visit a restaurant for a while and then you go and you’re reminded of how good the food is; its just such a an amazing experience. Unfortunately a lot of the Ruby Tuesdays here in Central Florida have been shut down but I think there’s one not to too far from me! I will be going there soon.

My beautiful family!

The biggest reason I smiled this week is because I was with my family! There’s nothing better than family and I have the best one. God is good!

Thank you for reading my blog. What made you smile this week? Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

Life with Lane

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