My Niece Has a YouTube Channel!

Life with Lane!

Good morning beautiful humans, Happy Thursday! Yes, you heard me right, my niece has a YouTube Channel. I am all about it! Its a channel for tips on how to grow hair for African American girls. It will also share tips for unique hair styles for African American girls with natural hair. Its like the cutest thing ever!

My niece has long natural hair and my sister is often asked about it. So, she decided to make a channel for my niece and her awesome natural hair. Sometimes Black/African American woman have a hard time getting our hair to grow. It can also be hard to manage when you chose to keep it natural and don’t relax it.

This channel will help you with all of those things. There are only 2 videos uploaded at the moment but more are on the way. The name of the Channel is Crown of beautiful hair. I will provide a video below. Please click on it, view, and subscribe. Even if you don’t need it, subscribe anyway, lol!

Thanks for reading my blog! Support my beautiful niece. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Follow me on Instagram

Crown of Beautiful hair YouTube Channel

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