Her name was Kamille

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I rarely do two blogs a day but today I felt like I needed to do this. Most of the time when I write, its uplifting, happy, fun, and inspiring. Occasionally my blogs are sad, heartbreaking, and emotional. Today is that day. I write about things that matter to me. I try to say and do things that matter.

What I was home visiting my family for my mother’s birthday, I kept seeing these post on Facebook referring to someone named Cupcake. I had no idea what they were talking about. So, I decided to read further and I found out that it was a three-year-old girl that had been missing for about 10 days. Cupcake was her nickname. Her government name is actually Kamille.

When I returned back home yesterday afternoon, I found out that Kamille, AKA Cupcake, had been found. The sad part is, she was found in a dumpster and obviously she was deceased. This upset me a great deal. In addition to somebody murdering a child, a three-year-old, they put her little body in a dumpster. They threw her away like she was garbage.

I thought to myself I can’t even imagine what that family is going though. Why would anyone do that to a child? What was the motive? We live in such a cruel world.

Kamille was at a birthday party and she slipped out with her little friend that was probably the same age and they went across the street to a park. They just wanted to play, like almost all children. A surveillance video shows the 2 little girls playing. Then the video shows 2 adults coming to the park and the little girls following those 2 adults. They had no idea the adults would hurt Kamille. They were so innocent and naive. Those 2 adults are believed to be the ones that abducted and murdered little Kamille.

There are some people that are saying where were the parents, this its the parents fault. They need to understand that the last thing those parents need to hear is that it’s their fault. Their child was just found dead in a dumpster. That’s the last thing that they need to here. What they need now is compassion, love, understanding, strength, and prayers!

Kamille deserved better than that. We have to protect children, they truly are our future. What happened to Kamille should never happen to any child, any human really. People often talk about dying with dignity. Where was it with that sweet innocent little girl? I can’t express enough how much this has broken my heart.

I’ve always loved children so this is why this hearts my heart more than normal. I know people die every day but when it’s a child, it hits the heart different. No parent should ever have to bury their child.

We have to start looking out for each other. Life is already hard, let’s not make it harder by going after each other’s children. Thank you for reading my blog. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind!

Kamille McKinney
Rest in Peace little angel

9 thoughts on “Her name was Kamille

  1. Oh wow! This is so heartbreaking, my lord. I can’t imagine how the family feels…. I’m sure they will never be the same again. Little cupcake is in heaven but her family will miss her so deeply. She was so beautiful.


  2. This is so sad wow. Hopefully this angel is in a better place🙏. Thankyou for sharing and spreading awareness about the dangers in this world


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