Happy Birthday Momma

Today, 65 years ago a Queen was born! That Queen is my Mother, the beautiful, brave, hilarious, and funny Delma-Ann!

Happy Birthday to the world’s most beautiful woman ever, my Momma! She’s funny without even trying. Braver than anyone I know. Raising my siblings and I was no easy task. That alone makes her the best thing ever.

Everything I am and inspire to be is because of her. She’s always been my biggest fan. Even when I played basketball in middle school and didn’t start she was at every game. That is true dedication, lol!

Life is better with a great Mom and I have the best! We bump heads from time to time and that’s okay. When you’re so much alike that tends to happen. So, Happy Birthday Momma! May this be your best year yet. God knows you deserve it!

Life with Lane!

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