Reasons I smiled this week, 15th Edition

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Saturday! How was your week? I hope it was filled with happiness, blessings, love, and productivity! Welcome to reasons I smiled this week, 15th Edition!

I have to admit my week was really really good. It was very busy and I was tired the whole week but it was absolutely fantastic. I think I smiled the entire week. To be honest I’m pretty sure I was even smiling in my sleep, lol! In that picture above I’m at Busch Gardens in Tampa. That spot was so pretty, I must’ve taken like 25 pictures. Don’t ask why I’m doing my legs like that because I don’t have a clue. Am I the only one that thinks knees are so weird looking? I’ve never seen someone with good looking knees, lol!

Howl-o-scream at Busch Gardens

After living here in Orlando for almost 17 years, I finally made it to Howloscream! Now that I finally made it I’m mad at myself for not going sooner. It was so much better than I expected and I am over the moon about how much fun I had. How great is life when something is 10 times better than you expected? I liked it even more than I liked Halloween Horror Nights and that’s saying a lot. Blog coming before Halloween about it.

Busch Gardens

I told you that I took like 25 pictures in front of this. Well, this is a picture without me standing in front of it. I just thought it was so beautiful I wanted to share this picture with you. I want this is my backyard, well my future backyard, lol!

Smokehouse Grill

Omg!!! I had the most amazing brisket. I haven’t had brisket in months. So, when I tell you that brisket was everything, it really was. It made my mouth water. Writing about it now is making me hungry and I wish I had that plate in front of me again. It was cooked perfect. I would go back just for that brisket.

Bonefish Grill

I had lunch at one of my favorite places, Bonefish Grill! That fish was just as good as it looks! I swear I’ve been to that restaurant like a zillion times and it never disappoints. I will say this was my first time having Rainbow Trout. It was really good! Will definitely be having it again.

Thanks for reading my blog! What made you smile this week? Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind. Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

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