I love taking pictures

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Sunday! Thank you for spending part of your morning with me or evening depending on where you live in this great big world! Welcome to Life with Lane, my life through words, pictures, and food!

When I say I love taking pictures, I mean I love having my picture taken and taking pictures of things. I feel as if taken pictures is capturing physical memories. I guess that’s the right way to word it. I literally take pictures of EVERYTHING! I mean EVERYTHING, lol!

I’m sure I drive my family and friends crazy with picture snapping. I feel like sometimes I should’ve been a photographer. I think I have the eye for it but then I remember I like having my picture taken more than I liked taking pictures. I’ll leave the professional photography to my brother.

On my way to dinner

I do know that I’m very photogenic, maybe that’s why I like having my picture taken. I honestly think I look better in pictures than I do in person. My friend Matt disagrees but I don’t know.

My morning walk view!

I took that picture the other morning during my walk. I was like wow, this is beautiful and therefore I took a picture. Sometimes its the little things that make us happy. I wanted to capture that moment. It’s like when something good happens you want to capture the moment. That way, if you’re having a bad day, you can go back and look at that picture and it will make you smile.

My brother took this picture of me years ago. I love Halloween. I’ve always considered myself to be a gypsy. Well, I did until I met some in real life and found out how they really are. So, now, not so much, lol! But I still love dressing like one and its still my favorite Halloween costume.

Butterfly tent at Epcot
Me at the Eiffel Tower
The Arches, Utah

Do you like taking pictures and having your picture taken? Am I the only one? Thanks for reading my blog! Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind. Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

Life with Lane!

5 thoughts on “I love taking pictures

  1. You take great pictures! I love taking pictures too! I left you a DM on your Instagram! Hope you get this message, you won my giveaway!!! Watch my newest YouTube video so you can see the drawing! Peace and Blessings!


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