The Importance of Monthly Self Breast exams!

Hello beautiful humans, happy Thursday! Today is October 10th, which means its the 10th day of Breast Cancer Awareness month. The breast cancer walk here in Orlando is 16 days away. I’m already prepared for it. Well, I’m prepared for it physically and my outfit is ready. Mentally however, well that’s another story.

Life with Lane

Writing about breast cancer makes me sad. I cry because breast cancer takes so many lives each year. As you know breast cancer took my best friend Heather Marie Lewis Thomas in 2012. She was only 35 years old.

That is why today, I am writing about the importance of doing your monthly self breast exam. Heather went to the doctor every year for her womans exam (papsmear). During the exam, her doctor would also do her breast exam. My doctor does the same for me.

Breast cancer Awareness month!

However, when the doctor realized something was wrong with Heather, she was already in stage three ☹☹. She was devastated when she found out. She wondered how they missed that and so did I!

I’m not sure if I asked her, if she did her monthly self breast exam or not. Which in hindsight probably would’ve been a horrible idea. I probably didn’t because the only thing that mattered was what could be done to save her. Would chemotherapy work? If it didn’t, what else could be done?

Heather was so gracious through the entire process. She never once complained or whined. Most importantly she never lost her faith. She was the best thing ever. I didn’t understand why this happened to her.

I lost my best friend, one of the best people God ever created to breast cancer. So, today I encourage you to do your monthly self breast exam. If something doesn’t feel or seem right, go to the doctor. If you’re over 40 have your mammogram each year.

Breast Cancer Awareness month is about spreading awareness, getting educated, honoring the survivors, remembering the fallen, and praying for the newly diagnosed. It’s also, in my case, wearing a pink tutu with a pink wig and walking 3.5 miles on a Saturday because your best friend loved that you did it!

Have a wonderful blessed day and always always be kind!

Life with Lane!

5 thoughts on “The Importance of Monthly Self Breast exams!

  1. Sorry about the lost of your friend. Thanks for bringing awareness as well. I get my mammogram every year💞


  2. That’s sad to hear about your friend. It’s really good that you are taking a stand and telling your story, if you help one person that’s what it’s all about!


  3. Sorry about your loss. Its awesome that your keeping her spirit alive and promoting mammograms. I’ll be posting about my Moms 3rd round with breast cancer. Thanks for bringing the awareness to light 💗


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