A Night of (paid for) Terror, Part 2

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Wednesday! It’s time for another story of my night of paid for terror. Welcome to Life with Lane. I love Halloween.

Michael Myers in Halloween
Halloween Horror Nights 2019

The theme of this years Halloween Horror nights is the 80’s. As a human that was born in 1980, I was more than happy about this. It looked like the 1980’s everywhere you looked.

We got to the park before it was dark out so in the beginning I didnt get my awesome picks with ghouls and goblins in the dark, lol! Its always a good idea to get to the park right when it opens or even before then. The lines get really long, especially for the popular houses. We were there right when people could get in line and off jump the Stranger Things line was 65 minutes.

I tried watching the show when it first came out and I never made it past the first episode. I thought about giving it another try but my co worker said she cried watching the 3rd season and I changed my mind. I also, didnt go through the house.

The first haunted house we did go in was, wait for it…………”US”. The movie written and directed by the genius Jordan Peele. I have a confession; I haven’t seen the movie nor did I see Get Out. I have to remind you again I’m terrified of Horror movies but I love Halloween and Halloween Horror Nights. I know, I make no sense, lol!

The US haunted house was pretty creepy. Good thing about walking through the houses is, they let so many people go at the same time. So, you can see when something is going to jump out. Usually scares the person in front of you.

Well, for most part you know. That didnt really work for me when I was leaving out of the Monsters of Halloween house. When it was over, or I thought it was over, Frankenstein jumped out of the shadows and scared the crap out of me.

The things we spend our money on, lol! Paying to get the crap scared out of us. One of my other favorite houses was the Killer Klowns. Don’t worry, I didnt attach photos. I know a lot of people are terrified of clowns. I am not one of those people believe it or not. Towards the end of the house, there’s all these clowns standing around and you can’t tell which ones are real.

Of course most of them were fake and the real one moved and I all but ran out of that house. The guy working at the end of house cracked up laughing at me. Man, it was so much fun! I love Halloween Horror Nights!

We made it through 6 of the houses before getting tired and calling it a night! I’m sure I’ll go back again before it’s over. I didnt get to do the Ghostbusters house. Thanks for reading my blog. Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

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