Does the hurt ever go away?

At the oddest moments I just start crying because I miss my Dusty so much. It’s been almost 7 months and I still cry often. I looked at Onyx today and he wanted to get in bed with me. He wanted to be hugged. Moments like that are when I feel he misses his brother too. Maybe he can feel when I need more cuddles from him.

My sweet Dusty!

He was such a sweet pup! I miss seeing his little face when I would get home from work and he’d be looking through the blinds to see me. He did that so often, he broke one of the blinds. I won’t replace it, it’s just a sweet reminder of him on a daily basis. I miss him cuddling on my feet when I would write.

I often think, if I miss him this much, how does Onyx feel? Is there every truly a way of knowing? Does the hurt ever go away?

I miss my dog!!

January 2019

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