Tips for Hurricane Preparation

Hello beautiful humans! Here in Florida we are starting to feel the affects of Hurricane Dorian. I do believe this is the first hurricane to affect us this season. Thank God it won’t hit us directly. God knows I prayed that it would keep turning and not come here. I didn’t just pray it wouldn’t come here, I prayed for it to just go away completely.

I’ve been through hurricanes basically my entire life. They’re never fun. I’ve never wanted to participate in a hurricane party, lol! Might sound weird because anyone who knows me; knows I love parties. I’d just rather party for happier reasons.

I thought I’d share some tips with you guys about preparing for a hurricane from MPB. I’d have it in a different order but this list is very good! For me personally, my pups medicine is number one. He has to take it every 12 hours. However, if I was on medication that would be first. I say this because if I don’t take care of myself, how can I take care of him if I’m not well? Also, if you evacuate without family because you live away from them; let them know where you are!

I hope these tips are helpful. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Stay safe my friends.

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