Being Skinny Does Not Equal Confidence!

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Life with Lane: “Be skinny does not equal being confident!”

Before I start I want to say to the people of my hometown Alabama and to the people of Texas; I am sorry for the pain your suffering right now. I’m sending prayers your way and I hope we can come together as a nation and fix our gun control issue.  Human life is more valuable than guns!

“Girl, If i was tall and skinny like you, I’d rock anything!” “If I had your frame I would walk around in a thong all the time.”
These are comments I’ve heard most of my adult life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my body. However, I think people think being skinny automatically equates confidence. Like just because you’re a slim person you think you look good in everything. It’s like because I’m skinny I’m under the impression I look good in everything.

I think people have to understand that size has nothing to do with confidence. Confidence is simply being confident. Confidence is walking with your held head high and not caring what others think. Confidence is not comparing yourself to others. Confidence is being in a room with beautiful people and knowing you’re all worthy and special.

The fabulous beautiful Grace Jones

Grace Jones, who I love by the way, is the epitome of confidence. She’s a dark skinned woman that shined everywhere she went. Society has always been unkind to dark skinned black women. They were taught dark skin was ugly.  You would think this is something she never heard. When she walked into a room she commanded all the attention. She was larger than life. She was freaking awesome! She still is.

The electric stunning Lizzo

Lizzo, an artist that is on top of the world right now, isn’t skinny by an means. However, she seems to be the most confident human! She will absolutely not be body shamed. She embraces her curves and she is fabulous to watch. Her and Ashley Graham are amazing.

These woman give me life! We should never assume being skinny makes someone confident. Having that spark within and having confidence is what makes people confident. It has nothing to do with size. 

Ashley Graham

Before I go I would like to say this, I’m a very confident human. It has nothing to do with my size. It comes from my Mother!  Since I was a kid she always praised me and told me I was beautiful.  Told me she knew I’d do great things and she had faith in me. She told me I was smart. Those things stuck with me and made me who I am today.

Thanks for reading my blog! What is your definition of confidence? Where do you think confidence comes from? Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Follow me on Instagram @lifewithlane14. Feel free to email me for sponsorships or collaborating

Life with Lane!

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