Mass Shootings in America

This week’s blogs are going to be different from my normal blogs. The reason for that is because I’m not in my normal happy chipper mood. That is because of the mass shootings that have happened in America over the past week. My heart is broken, I’m sad, my anxiety is through the roof and simply put, I am a mess! 

It’s hard to stay in a happy an upbeat mood when you look around and see what’s going on in America. When you see innocent people being killed at places where we go on a daily basis.  I’m a person that doesn’t scare easily but I was afraid to go out this week.  Which is insane because we shouldn’t be afraid to live. We shouldn’t be afraid to go shopping at Walmart. We shouldn’t be afraid or worry when we go to a night club to have fun and take a load off. 

Mass shootings are a problem in America. There’s been 257 mass shootings since the beginning of the year. Gun control is a problem in America. Home grown white terrorism is a problem. These issues need to be addressed. People are dying everyday because of this. We need to talk about it and we need to talk about it now.

For you that say gun control won’t work, I say to you, just because you think something won’t work doesn’t mean you don’t try! Have you ever thought something was a long shot but you went for it anyway? Have you ever thought a girl would turn you down but you asked her out anyway? Had a plan you were unsure of but tried it anyway? We have to do gun control the same way.

No one is trying to take your guns away but why does anyone need to own 30 guns, assault rifles, AR-15, semiautomatic rifles? I’ll wait for a good answer………

My heart can’t take much more of these evil attacks on innocent people. Hate should have no place in America. Fear should have no place in America. I have family and friends that I want to live for a long time.  I mean even people I’ve never met I want to be to out and be safe and not have to fear being gunned down. 

Let’s work together to make America safer. Thanks for reading my blog. Let me know your thoughts.  Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind.  

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Life with Lane: “Mass Shootings in America!”

19 thoughts on “Mass Shootings in America

  1. It appears that the majority of that list are really multiple homicides. I think of the mass shootings more like domestic terrorism, such as the two horrific examples this week, as opposed to gang killings. However, one killing is one too many and something needs to be done. While I support our second amendment, I can’t see the need for an armory in anyone’s possession. Beautiful photo!!


    1. I too support the 2nd amendment and I’m not trying to take away the right to bear arms. I’m trying to minimizing mass shootings by getting rid of semiautomatic rifles AR-15 and magazines that carry 100 pieces of ammo that can fire those rounds on less than one minute. No regular civilian needs access to that. This isn’t a war zone. Thank you for reading and commenting Rob. Have a great day. I just want to preserve human life

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  2. How dare you call white men that kill a lot of random people at one time for no apparent a white terrorist. These are just white men that notice for the first time that they will have to start off on the same level as everyone else and they are angry. We should feel bad for the injustice of them having to start off like us. Oh boohoo for them. How dare everyone else think we should all be equal. Oh the nerve if us


  3. I share your feelings and sadness. I question what is happening in the country and what is lacking in humans that they lack empathy, compassion and love for fellow humans. I don’t have the answer but I feel that we must stand up, act up, vote- whatever forms of social dissidence we can to say this horror is not ok and we do not accept it. We must not give up. We must not turn away or bury our head in the sand. We must act for change! Thank you for bringing attention to this!

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    1. I try to write about things that matter. Human life matters. Sometimes when you speak up about these things people turn away from you but I’m not afraid. This blog is called Life with Lane. It’s about my life what I go through and how I feel. I try to offer insight motivation, love, compassion, etc. We are living in sad times right now and we have to speak up about these issues. Thank you so much for reading and commenting and supporting me. Have a wonderful blessed day my friend

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  4. Thank you for this very personal response and perspective on the recent attacks. I am Australian and have been trying to gain a greater understanding of the situation in America. I have just written a blog responding to the mass shootings in America, it would be great if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts. Thank you 🙂


    1. Because they are easy to access and easy to buy. Theres no control over them. I dont have a problem with people owning a gun. I have a problem with the kind of guns and how many we are allowed to purchase. Like I said no regular civilian needs an AR-15 or a semiautomatic rifle or any other high powered gun. What exactly are you preparing for? If those guns aren’t available that is a start. We have to start somewhere. It’s out of control.

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      1. They do it in other countries. Military style guns are banned. Some dont have guns at all and there are no mass shootings because there are no guns. Problem is, Americans love guns! Some value owning them more than they value human life. We have a problem. Thank you

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