Notre Dame, I Got There Right in Time!

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I am extremely late on writing about this but I’ve finally gotten around to it. Notre Dame my friends!! As you all know I visited Europe at the end of March, beginning on April. The first leg of my trip, I was in Paris, France. I got to visit the beautiful Notre Dame. Yes, I was there right before it burned, I got there right in time.

I didn’t just take pictures in front of the building I actually went in and got to see all the beauty! However, before I went inside I took so many pictures outside. Isn’t google a wonderful thing? It stylized this photo for me and made it even more beautiful.

Notre Dame Cathedral! It’s so beautiful
Saint Jean-Paul III

I believe parts of the building has been there since the early 1300’s. That means it’s been there for like over 900 years. Artifacts from when Jesus walked the Earth are inside. I was inside of history and it felt so neat. I mean look at the famous stained glass window. Absolutely beautiful.

It was so beautiful in person!

I stayed in there for almost 45 minutes just in complete awe. It was just such an amazing experience and I am so happy I was able to see it.

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Life with Lane: “I Got There Right in Time!”

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