Reasons I Smiled this Week, Part 4

Good morning beautiful humans, Happy Saturday! How was your week? Welcome to the 4th edition of Reasons I Smiled this Week….

I’m the keeper of the gender for my best friend Cassie and I found out what she is having. I’m over the moon about it and I cannot wait for everyone else to find out during her twin boys 5th birthday party. I’m going to have them hit a golf ball and pink or blue will explode to let them know the gender! As a funny side note, her husband text me 2 days ago asking what they’re having…….lol! He was like I was upset when she told me you were the keeper of the gender. He said he knew he would get nothing out of me, lol!

I had delicious margaritas and fajitas for Tacos Tuesday. It was my first time eating at a place called Chuy’s. I’m not really a fan of Mexican food but it was delicious. I’ve recently become a big fan of margaritas. I don’t like tequila but lately its been in my drinks, lol!

It’s only like 33 days before football season starts and Thurday was the first Preseason game. I didn’t get to watch it because I was at work but knowing it was on made me happy. I’m looking forward to playing Fantasy Football and going to a game with my sister Danielle. She’s the best company!

My sister Tasha celebrated another year of life! She’s such an amazing big sister. So supportive and smart. She’s a really great Mother to my niece and nephew. Most importantly she’s my sister! God is good!

What made you smile this week? Thanks for reading my blog. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind!

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