Reasons I Smiled This Week, Part 2!

Hello beautiful people, Happy Saturday! How was your week? Mine was absolutely wonderful and filled with love, happiness, joy, and a lot of sun. This is my second edition in the reasons I smiled this week. Enjoy

Disney with the family!

My family is here for the week and it has been so much fun! I took my youngest niece and nephew to Disney on Tuesday. They were so excited and so happy. On Wednesday we all went to the park and had a blast. It was hot but we toughed it out and had an amazing time!

Me and my Queen

My Mother went to the park with us on Thursday! This was a treat because she rarely goes to the parks anymore. Not only did she go, she got on a few rides. Did she complain? Of course she did, lol! However, it was understandable, it was like 105 degrees. Not sure how we didn’t all melt……but it might be puddles of chocolate and caramel around Universal Studios!

Me and my youngest niece and nephew!

I finally got to go to Toystory Land at Hollywood Studios. It was really neat and I got to experience it with my hyper awesome youngest niece and nephew. Their excitement was just so cute and I thank God for the blessing of having them as my family!

Brunch at Bonefish Grill

If you notice a trend here, my family is usually the reason I smile! One last thing, I started my work off with delicious brunch. Food always makes me smile. I went to Bonefish Grill and had bottomless mimosas and a crab omelette with cheese and asparagus.

This was a week full of reasons to smile. Thank you God! What made you smile this week?

Popeye and little ole me!

14 thoughts on “Reasons I Smiled This Week, Part 2!

  1. The nerve.. I wasn’t in any of those pics. I was there too you know lol. But my mom is gorgeous and hilarious.


  2. THE NERVE.. I was there too and I was not in any of those pics. But my mom is gorgeous and hilarious. I love her. My babies are adorable as well


    1. Thank you! She’s has the most beautiful face I’ve ever seen πŸŒ»πŸ¦‹πŸŒž We had a blast. The heat here can be overwhelming but we made it. Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a wonderful blessed day πŸ¦‹β€


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