Appropriate Casting

The little mermaid has always been one of my favorite Disney movies. Disney has been doing live action versions of their movies for the past few years. On July 3rd it announced the lovely and very talented Halle Bailey will be portraying Ariel.

This has caused an uproar because she’s black and Ariel isn’t. Newsflash, Ariel is a mermaid and mermaids aren’t real, lol! So, anyone can portray her. However, being able to sing and being youthful is a must. Good thing is Halle possesses both of these qualities and more. Did you see her and her sister perform at this year’s Super Bowl? Not only can she sing, she’s beautiful, talented, lovely, and a great fit for Ariel. 

When we talk about appropriate casting, this isn’t where it applies. If Disney was making a movie about Florence Griffith Joyner, the person would need to be African American and have a build simular to Flo-Jo. If they were making a movie about Marilyn Monroe,  the person would need to be white with a similar build to Marilyn. Why? Because these a real life human beings, not fictional characters that we can just make them look however we want. Kids won’t be confused. I was Wonder Woman for Halloween, kids wanted to take pictures with me. Not one of them said, “I thought Wonder Woman was white!” lol, Just enjoy the movie.

Me as Wonder Woman and a Flapper Girl

If you’re saying to yourself what if they cast the princess and the frog princess with a white actress would black people be upset? Yes, we would be, why? Because she’s the only black princess that we have. It’s nice for little black and brown girls see characters on television and movies that look like them! Thank you for reading my blog. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Let me know your thoughts.

Halle Bailey! The new Little Mermaid

16 thoughts on “Appropriate Casting

  1. The IAOMA (The international association of mermaid actresses) is going to be up in arms! 😀 I don’t see any issue with this whatsoever. I bet that it does great at the boxoffice, too.


  2. I remember that outrage and people were just crazy. It reminded me of the backlash with Finn in Star Wars. People need to get over themselves. Not only that, but some Disney fans are total bigots.


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