24 Hours in New Orleans

Life with Lane: 24 Hours in New Orleans

So I hadn’t been to New Orleans in probably 10 to 12 years, maybe longer.  So when I had a chance to go last year I took advantage of the 24 hours that I had there. Allow me to take you on a little journey I call, A Day on Bourbon Street, Hello New Orleans! 


It actually started in the afternoon at a little restaurant call Coop’s Place. Although we were in New Orleans and I couldve had crawfish etouffee, gumbo, shrimp creole, jambalaya, po boys, whatever but I had fried chicken and it was absolutely delicious. I don’t regret my decision. However,  I did have fried crab claws as an appetizer. I think I licked the plate.

Gay bar Bourbon Pride

Next, I traveled to a gay bar and had a few coronas. Bartender was this fabulous gay man by the name of John. He’s everything I hoped for and more in a bartender, lol! After we left, we glided over to another bar where they had 3 for 1 drinks

Why couldn’t we have found this place earlier? Needless to say after these 3 drinks I thought I was Ciara (the singer/dancer). So, at 6pm at night we went to a club. 

I was the only one on the dance floor but I didn’t care. I requested songs, the DJ played every single one of them and I floated around with my Corona and my Tom Criuse dance from Tropic Thunder. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had. 

Larry Flint Strip Club

Once we left we went to Larry Flints strip club and had another drink and watched 2 dancers. Yes, you heard me right,  I went to a strip club and I liked it, lol! The entire time I was watching the dancer, I was thinking to myself , “How is she dancing in 7 inch heels?” As someone that was born in heels, I couldn’t see myself walking in this shoes, lol!

Right outside of the strip club was street dancers. I’m talking guys spinning on their heads and doing back flips. It was amazing! 
Oh, and then I saw police. Of course I had to take pictures with them.  You know I had to have another beer by now, lol! Hey, i was on Bourbon Street,  that equals alcohol and fun.

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