13 Random Things That Bother Me!

We are living in difficult weird times right now in America. There are lots of things going on that bother me. I am wondering why no one is truly addressing these issues. I can’t be the only one who finds these things bothersome.

  1. Men and women sign up, go into the military. Put their life on the line.  Fight for our freedom. Go to war and come back missing limbs and PTSD. However, we see commercials asking civilians for donations to take care of them. Why isn’t the government taking care of these brave men and women? 
  2. Why did the people of Flint, Michigan go for almost 5 years without clean water?
  3.  Why does Mitch McConnell think Barack Obama being the President for 8 years is reparations? 
  4. People are trying to have abortion rights taken away from women but have no issue with children being separated from their parents at the border. Several children have died in custody.
  5. Why can’t people acknowledge that side effects of slavery still exist 150 years later? 
  6. White privilege is in fact real, acknowledging it is okay. Why are people denying it? 
  7. If Groupon can regulate how many massages you can purchase for $35, why can’t we have gun control? 
  8. A large percentage of French people are living in poverty but almost 1 billion dollars was donated to rebuild Notre Dame…….. 
  9. Why aren’t Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman in prison?
  10. Why aren’t people more outraged about the President not acknowledging he was wrong about the Central Park Five and he’s made no effort to apologize to them??
  11. When the white man who’s name I forget murdered his wife and 2 small children because he didn’t want to be married anymore and run off with his mistress why was he painted as a nice guy all over the news. But the Black unarmed Haitian guy that was murdered in his home by a  white female cop painted to look like a drug dealer? 
  12. People often talk about immigration problems, illegals as they call them, crossing the border, When was the last time an immigrant took your job? How many of them commit mass shootings? 
  13. How many of your friends work at hotels, pick fruit, paint houses or hotels? I’ll wait……….

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading my blog and listening to my thoughts. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind.

14 thoughts on “13 Random Things That Bother Me!

  1. Ok so everyone knows that when white men commit mass shootings,they have mental problems. If a Muslims commits mass shootings it is a terrorist attack. When Mexican do it, ” This is why we should not let Mexicans in America. ” And when black person does it. Well that so rarely happens no one knows what to say.


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