Cool for the Summer!

Life with Lane: Cool for the Summer!

Friday was officially the first day of Summer. You know what that means, trips to the beach, longer days, lots of family vacations, and lots of sun!

For the longest time I wouldn’t post a picture of myself in a bikini. I was afraid of what people would say. Like who does she think she is or she’s showing off, or look at that skinny bitch!

The thing is, people say that about me in real life, lol! Guess what, as Lizzo would say, “I am that bitch! I guess those squats worked after all”

Moral of the story, be who are and don’t water down your hot because it makes people feel uncomfortable or you’re afraid of what people think about you! I won’t always look like this so I enjoy it while I have it!

…..….Cool for the Summer!!!

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