5 Reasons Why Your Next Dog Should be a Schnauzer Mix

I’ve always enjoyed being around dogs. I grew up in a small town called Bromley Alabama. My father used to hunt, and we always had dogs and because of that I am a dog lover. We didn’t have house dogs when I lived in Alabama, but I’ve always loved them. We had hound dogs and we even had a Rottweiler, but we never had small dogs that stayed in the house.

When I moved to Orlando Florida, I got my first house dog and his name is Onyx. He is a schnauzer breed. He is actually a schnauzer mixed with a Maltese. His breed is called a Malser. He brings me so much joy and he is such a lovely wonderful dog.

I decided to get a second dog. His name was Dusty, and he is a schnoodle. A schnoodle is a poodle mixed with a schnauzer. They are both very hyper incredibly intelligent. They are two of the smartest dogs I have ever come across in my entire life. They are the reason that I believe if you are going to get a dog for the first time; it should be a schnauzer mix.

Reason #1

Schnauzers are incredibly smart. When I say incredibly smart, I mean, they can understand almost everything I say and every command. Dusty and Onyx probably know about 35 commands. It was always so impressed with how smart they are. Onyx has always been smarter than Dusty, but they are both smart.

Reason #2

They are house trained quickly. The day I got Onyx when he was 3months old he scratched on the door for me to take him out. He never once used the bathroom in his crate or in the apartment. Dusty didn’t use the bathroom in the crate either but he had a few accidents in the house. But only a few times. Its was like they knew grass was where they were supposed to go do their business.

Reason #3

They get along well with children. Onyx and Dusty both loved my nieces and nephews. They got along with them beautifully. Dusty would sleep on my nieces’ pillow when she would sleep over. It was so cute, and I loved to see it. They were also sweet with babies.

Reason #4

They have a long lifespan and they are very hyper and active. Dusty lived until he was 13 years old. Onyx is 14 and he is still going strong. He’s only been sick twice since I’ve had him, and I’ve had him since he was 3 months old.

Reason #5

I left this one for last but it’s the most important, they are incredibly loyal. In addition to being loyal they are very possessive. I think this is something that all dogs have in common. However, I think schnauzer mixes are a different kind of loyal, lol!

These reasons are based on my dogs and my dogs alone. In the future, my next dog will definitely be a schnoodle and a malser. Dusty and Onyx have been the best dogs ever. They were/are true blessings and I couldn’t imagine having a different breed of dogs. They are wonderful!

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Your Next Dog Should be a Schnauzer Mix

  1. We all know that a person’s next dog should be a Pomeranian. They’re small and very adorable. The only bad thing about them is they tend to lie a lot. Well at least that’s what my mom would say about Maxwell


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