Will the Real Next Leader Please Stand Up?

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I have been writing for quite awhile but I never really submitted my work. Almost 2 years ago, I submitted some of my work to the Orlando Times. Well, they were impressed with an article I wrote, titled, Will the Real Next Leader Please Stand Up! I feel like with everything that is going on, its a good time for me to bring my article back into the Limelight! You can also see this on my website under the, My Writing, section.

(April 2017)Former President Barack Obama handed over his baton 2 months ago to Donald Trump. Barack Obama was President of the United States but he took a stand for the African-American Community, women, and the environment. He was President of everyone but he took a huge stand for all that was right.

He made sure he spoke out when Trayvon Martin was murdered. When the Black Lives Matter campaign started; he was vocal about it and showed his support. He restored Economic Security to African-American families. The African-American unemployment rate has fallen below the overall unemployment rate in the past few years. He made college more accessible and affordable.

Obama enabled African-American families to keep their homes when the housing crisis took effect and created a safe, simple, and affordable start to retirement savings. Also, he expanded access to paid leave for employees. He also provided access to broadband for families in low-income housing and this benefit 200,000 children in low-income families that live in public housing.

Not only did he help the African-American Community he stood up for women. He started the White House counsel for women and girls in 2009. He worked hard on equal pay for women.

Obama didn’t stop advocating for women’s rights and African-American Community, he also worked hard for the environment. It was difficult but he secured funding for the renewable energy Revolution. He made sure energy is used efficiently. He did this by installing LED lights almost everywhere. He established the world’s largest Marine reserve. He also unveiled the clean power plan.

President Barack Obama created Obamacare and millions of Americans have health care. He repeal the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. He got 18 states to raise minimum wage. He cared for all people.

Now it’s time for the next leader to stand up. The next leader for the African American Community, women, the environment, and all things that are right needs to stand up. Someone who doesn’t just care about the people that voted for him. President Obama was incredible but it’s time has come and gone.

To hear this man speak was inspiring and people listened when he talked. He made you believe in his words, he gave Americans hope. He was inspirational, motivational and uplifting.

During this time in America we need someone like him. We need a great leader who inspires us to want to be a better people. Because that’s what President Barack Obama did. He gave us hope and without it what do we have?

Well, that was my article! Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Follow me on Instagram @lifewithlane14

11 thoughts on “Will the Real Next Leader Please Stand Up?

  1. This is inspiring. I love the title too! We all need real leaders today. I’m from the Philippines and I would really love to say to all our current politicians, “Will the real next leader please stand up?” Hahaha.


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