10 Tips for a day at Disney

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Life with Lane: 10 Tips for a day at Disney

Orlando is the home of theme parks. Living here I have the opportunity to go to the parks a lot. When I say a lot, I mean alot, lol! So, I thought I would take the time to share some tips that will make your experience better if you ever travel to Disney. However, these tips can work when traveling to any of the parks here. I hope they help. 

1. Take lots of water but freeze it the night before.

2. Pack a poncho because it always rains in Orlando.

3. If traveling during the summer bring sunblock.

4. Make a plan before of what attractions you want to get to first.

5. Get to the park early because during the summer the park gets crowded early.

6. Buy your tickets online before going to the park. Excellent discounts are online.

7. Try to get fast passes for the popular rides when you purchase your tickets online.

8. If you have small children take lots of snacks. The food is really pricey.

9. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. So much walking and you don’t want to have sore feet.

10. Have fun and be a kid! 

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