The Importance of Mental Health

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We have to learn that we are our biggest investment is our own state of mind, our mental health. When we feel like the walls are caving, if we feel broken down, we need to take a mental health day or 2. 

Sometimes we just keep going and going we don’t take care of ourselves. We literally burn ourselves out. We don’t like to admit we’re not okay. We think admitting we need help or that we’re tired is a sign of weakness. At the end of the day, life is tough and if we’re not careful it will break us.

Here in America most of us are over worked and under paid. We have to work at a job for a year to get one week off paid. Let me repeat that; you have to work at a company for 365 days to get 5 days off paid. What is happening? Those kind of conditions can make almost anyone unhappy. Cost of living goes up but wages stay the same. 

Children have to move back in with parents because they can’t afford the rent. Adults have to get a roommate or two to pay all the bills. Sometimes parents have to choose between buying milk or bread because they can’t afford both.

Is easy to feel overwhelmed and taking a mental health day is imperative. Even if you can afford it you have to do it. If you’re not OK how is everything else in your life going to be OK. Self care is vital. 

Mental health days are more than just about feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Mental health is anxiety, depression, OCD, etc.
We need to put ourselves 1st; our well being, our frame of mind should always be a first priority.

Having a healthy frame of mind is good for the soul good for you and for the people around you. Make sure you take care of yourself take that mental health day! You are the number ONE investment my friends…..

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8 thoughts on “The Importance of Mental Health

  1. I love this post! Coming from a Mental Health Counselor, it is extremely important to take a mental “time out”. We cannot be effective to others if we do not take care of ourselves.


  2. It’s very important… Life is so precious to be wasted just like that! We all have to be free in terms of disclosing our health conditions to our superiors for our own good.


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