Search for the best burger continues………..

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Thursday! Thank you for spending part of your morning with me are evening depending on where you live in this great big beautiful world. Welcome to Life with Lane, my life through words, pictures, and food!

My love for burgers will never die!!

It’s been no secret I love food. But I have a huge weakness for burgers. When I travel to Europe my search for the best burger continued. In my fifteen or was it 16 days that I was in Europe I went to five or six different places and had a burger. 

I went to one burger place in Paris. I went to about three or four different places in Germany. I had a burger at the Hilton Hotel that we stayed at in Switzerland. So I think that is a total of six different places for burgers in Europe.

The burgers look absolutely delicious in the pictures but they didn’t quite tastes as good as they looked. Sadly of all the pictures I took in Europe I didn’t take a picture of the restaurant where I had all these burgers. Nor do I remember the names and I didn’t feel like going back to my pictures to look again for the name, lol! 

The burger at the Hilton Hotel was pretty big but it was dry. The bun was dry as well and fell apart pretty easy. It was very disappointing. 
The first burger I had in Germany looked delicious but it had a weird taste and I wasn’t able to finish it. 

My burger at Universal Studios

I don’t even have a picture of my burger from Paris. That tells you right there how bad it was, lol! 

I will say this, Heidelberg Germany is where I had the best of my European burgers. However, the best burger I have had still remains the delicious burger from The Whiskey here in Orlando. Oh and honorable mention is the surf and turf burger from Hagan O’Reilly’s Irish Pub. It’s absolutely scrumptious! 

Where have you had your best burger?  Thanks for reading my blog! Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind.

Life with Lane! My burger in Germany!

6 thoughts on “Search for the best burger continues………..

  1. Yum!! I love food and burgers as well. I have gotten a little picky with my burgers in that my favorite is grilled by my husband! He does a wonderful seasoning and will grill it rare which is my jam! Also, we like to have fun with toppings and cheese. What are some of your fav toppings? I like a fried egg, bacon, onions, mushrooms, cheese, cheese, cheese, and actually peanut and bacon. Not all at once of course!


  2. Yeah, I love burgers too!! I was just talking to my husband about talking another tour in Illinois with their too ten list of great burgers. I can see Germany having a good burger for some reason, never been there but I can see it. Have good evening..


    1. I would love to go to Chicago and visit their top 10 burger joints 😍😍 When you do it let me know!! Germany had pretty good burgers, way better than then the ones I had in Paris and Switzerland! Thanks for reading and commenting. You have a good evening too ⚘


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