Aladdin, The Live Action Version, My thoughts

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Life with Lane: Aladdin, The Life Action, My Review

I am always hesitant about remakes or live action version of movies. Aladdin is my favorite Disney movie, so when I found out a live action version was being made, I was like oh no! Then I found out Will Smith was going to be the Genie and I was like double oh no, lol! I am the biggest Will Smith fan but I couldn’t see him being the Genie. Plus, the main reason Aladdin is my favorite movie is Robin Williams’ portrayal as the Genie. As a matter of fact, I often quote some of his lines from the movie to this day!

Well, now that I’ve seen the movie, my doubts and hesitations are over! The movie was amazing! The first 20 minutes are kid of odd, if that’s the right word to use. Once I got over that, there was no looking back. I think once the Genie showed up, the movie took off. Will Smith as the Genie proved why he’s such a star. In my opinion, they all did an amazing job, but Will was the best part of the movie!

The cinematography was amazing, the colors, the music, the costumes, the location, the cast, everything was beautiful! Aladdin looked and sounded a lot like the carton version. Jasmine was beautiful and her voice was powerful. Her costumes were stunning. Whoever created them should win an award. Abu was adorable.

I didn’t like the actor that portrayed Jafar. In my opinion that was bad casting. His voice wasn’t commanding or sinister enough. It wasn’t a voice that made you listen or make you stop when you heard it. It was very weird casting. Also, although Jasmine and Aladdin were beautifully cast, they didn’t look middle eastern. In the cartoon they are very dark but in the movie they aren’t.

Overall, in my opinion, the movie was fantastic! Will adding his own twist to the Genie was perfect. The music was great. The acting and singing was superb. Visuals were flawless. Most importantly, they didn’t steer to far from the original but added enough for it to seem new. I would see it again! One more thing, my sister loved the movie and she’s a tough movie critic, lol!

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8 thoughts on “Aladdin, The Live Action Version, My thoughts

  1. Very interested to read your review as, like you, I was wondering if the world really needed another Aladdin movie. However, you have persuaded me to go and see this next weekend! I saw a trailer earlier in the week, when I went to see ‘Rocketman’, and must admit that visually it looks stunning.


      1. It’s at the top of my list! There wasn’t a showing yesterday that I was able to make, so instead I went to see ‘Godzilla’ – and was very pleasantly surprised. Great cast and a more nuanced plot than previous Godzilla movies. Aladdin, next, hopefully 🙂


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