Hello Europa Park!

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Hello Europa Park, Edna and Ed!

I can’t talk about my trip to Europe enough, lol! You have to forgive me going on and on about it; it was my first time there and it was for 16 days but 15 really because of the traveling day doesn’t count. I experienced so much in those days and I have so much to write about. I mean I can write 5 blogs about the very awful Spirit airlines. I honestly don’t even know how they are still operating. More importantly how did I not see my first leg of my flight was with them, lol!

Sorry, but they are just awful. Back to the topic at hand, which is haven’t even brought up yet. I want to talk to you about a theme park in Germany called Europa Park! Yes, its called Europa Park and it was phenomenal. A true gem really. If you’ve never heard of it, well take a seat and let me tell you all about this fantastic little park in Germany. Rust Germany to be exact.

Europa Park, it was such a neat theme park. The park mascot is this adorable mouse that is always smiling and happy! It’s basically me in the form of a mouse, lol!  His name is Ed and his partner, wife, and best friend, is Edna. They are really adorable.

The park was absolutely beautiful and so clean. It reminded me a lot of Epcot but it had way more roller coasters. Or should I say it had roller coasters. I don’t think Epcot has any roller coasters. I think the neatest think was inside of that big golf call is an actual inside roller coaster. It’s called the Can Can and it was so much fun. You kind of just sit there going up to the top of the ball and you see all this neat stuff and then zoom, you are flying through the dark. Its so exhilarating!!! I was overjoyed at the end of the ride.

Europa Park !Yes, I took that picture

That was only one of the many coasters they have their. There is even have a bobsled coaster. It was a lot of fun but it didn’t last very long. So, that was very disappointing. What made me really happy was the fact that you are allowed to bring your dog! Yes, you heard me right, Europa Park is dog friendly! A them park that is dog friendly. I saw dogs all over the place and I was in heaven. I just couldn’t believe you could bring your dog into the park. AMAZING!!!

Man photobombed my pic, lol!

My experience at Europa Park was fun, exciting, and exhausting and I am glad I am able to share it with you. The park doesn’t stay open late so it isn’t an all day experience but its worth the trip. So many beautiful and neat things to see. It has lots of things for all ages and just lovely.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope it brightened your day and maybe you even learned something. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind. Follow me on Instagram @lifewithlane14

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