A Minor Setback

Good morning beautiful humans, thank you for spending part of your morning with me! Welcome to Life with Lane!

Life with Lane

So, I had a minor setback. As some of you know my sweet little schnoodle Dusty pass away February 18 at 9:42 a.m. He’d been my best friend for 13 years. Onyx (my other adorable dog) and I have been heartbroken. However, we had been moving along pretty good. I had been spending even more time with Onyx . He loves being outside so our morning walks last anywhere between 25 to 55 minutes; it’s been fabulous. I eat breakfast the same time he does. We take all kind of selfies and I take him with me wherever I can. He loves car rides. I’ve been looking for matching sweaters.

The other day at work I saw a dog that reminded me a dusty. I had to fight back tears because I was at work. However, when I got to my car I cried. I cried almost the entire way back home. It was like just Dusty had just died all over again. It was unreal and I felt so very sad.

My sweet little Dusty

I wanted to see his face looking through the blinds when I walked up the stairs. I wanted him to be waiting for me by the door when I walked in. I missed his furry hugs. I was devastated.

I had been doing so good and just like that a minor set back. Then I remembered there’s a Malser (schnauzer/maltese) or at home named Onyx Lane waiting for me. He’ll be just as happy when I get home waiting for me by the door. He’ll give me a big fury hug and we can miss Dusty together.

Onyx and I! My little love

I had a setback but it was minor. I remember what I still have at home. Onyx is so very precious and he means more than words can never express. He’s a reminder that even we lose something we love dearly we still have to hold onto and cherish the other precious things we have! Life is beautiful! 

Life with Lane “Life is Beautiful” Barbados 2010

9 thoughts on “A Minor Setback

  1. What you describe is grief and in no way a setback. Grief is a process and it comes in waves. Please don’t expect yourself to just get over the loss of a loved one. Expressing emotions are never setbacks. Be kind to you and feel the feelings.


    1. I miss my nephew too. I was happy to see the other old man the Thursday. He’s so cute and sweet. But horrible gas though phew. Love hem anyways.


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