Do You Know His Backstory?

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Thursday. Thank you for spending part of your morning with me. I know you’re busy and you have things to do, so I appreciate you. Welcome to Life with Lane!

Life with Lane

I was recently told that I have a pretty face but I look really mean. I was puzzled because this is something that I’ve never been told before. Not the part that I look mean but I’ve never been told I have a pretty face but I look mean together part, lol! 

It made me think of assumptions that we make about people based on their facial expressions or how their face looks. I am actually guilty of doing this.  My very first serving job was at an Italian place call Bellisimo’s.  

This is so true!

My first table happened to be a dentist and his wife. I didn’t do a terrible job but I wasn’t all that great either. The dentist was very mean to me. He looked at me with disappointment the entire time he was there. He never smiled or said thank you. Even after knowing it was my first day on the floor after training. He left me a whole $1 as my tip. I was horrified but I didn’t cry.

I assumed he was just some unhappy old grumpy man that was mad at the world and he just didn’t like me. I later found out he had stage 4 cancer and he was dying. He looked unhappy because he was. He was dying. He wasn’t upset with me per se, he was upset with his situation. Having me as server, a bad server, didn’t help his day! 

The accuracy! Lol

Sometimes we make assumptions about people without knowing their backstory. We all know that life is hard and we all have issues, baggage, fallback, hangups, family problems, etc. We need to give people the benefit of the doubt and stop making assumptions. 

Next time you see a woman with what they call resting bitch face, a man who looks angry and wants to punch something, or simply someone looking unfriendly. Remember, life isn’t always kind and gets us down. We all deserve a day to be unhappy. Sometimes nothing can be wrong and it is simply just the way our face looks, lol! 

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned something. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind.
By the way, the dentist came back two weeks later and I was able to redeem myself. He was in a good mood and he was happy with my service, lol!

My Dusty! Gone but not forgotten ๐Ÿ™‚

5 thoughts on “Do You Know His Backstory?

  1. You probably didn’t know this,but the fats and I are in that picture of you on the beach. She is standing up and I am sitting on the very small blanket that barely keeps my big butt from getting sand all over it. I agree with you.We jump to the incorrect conclusion all the time when people do not look or respond the way we think they should. Great post. FYI as you know that is not really me and the fats, but it could be like on earth 2. LOL .It’s a flash thing


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