Are You Not Entertained?

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“Are you not Entertained???” A famous quote from the marvelous movie Gladiator. It was made by the very talented Russell Crowe when he was portraying Maximas Decimus Meridius. I love that movie but not more than my sister Tasha! 

Fantastic movie, Gladiator starring Russell Crowe

It’s great being entertained by movies, plays, concerts,  TV shows, or books.  Sometimes we fall so in love with characters on tv we forget the actual person behind the character. We love songs and albums so much we equate a good album, a good song, into the person that made it being good. Not realizing the whole time we don’t actually know the artist at all.

R. Kelly has been making music and entertaining for over 20 years now. He’s sold millions of albums. Had number one albums and singles. He’s sold out shows.  He’s collaborated with other great artist. He’s also written hit songs for other artist. He’s said to be a musical genius. He’s kept us entertained. 

In the midst of us being entertained behind the scenes he’s a sexual predator that likes underage girls.  He went to trial a few years back and he won his case.  Instead of him using that to get better or seek help; he kept pursuing underage girls.

He thought he was untouchable because he was R Kelly. For the longest time he was. I think in his mind since he was entertaining us, he thought he could do whatever he wanted. 

For months now I was trying to figure out why people were defending him. I finally came to the conclusion its because he’s entertained them for over 20 years. When you think about that, it’s absolutely insane. 

During his interview with Gail King, he had an outbursts. Well, he had several of then. He blamed his ex-wife for his shows being canceled and not being able to perform. He said he can’t see his kids and he jumps and says, “I gave y’all 30 years and this is what you do to me?”

He just confirmed what I suspected. Since he entertained for all those years he thought he would get a pass. That we should believe he’s innocent because he put out good music.

I thought to myself, my people are defending him because he’s a black man that they feel are trying to be ruined and broken. At the end of the day, he’s a man (a black man) that preyed on young black girls and women.  He allegedly kidnapped and abused them. If alot of my people are standing up for and protecting R. Kelly whose protecting the women and young black girls?

I will not defend him.  What has he done for me or my community? Does he have a charity? Does he help underprivileged children? Is he an advocate for sex trafficking? If so, send me a link. 

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P.S. My blog about Michael Jackson is in the works 

Life with Lane

7 thoughts on “Are You Not Entertained?

  1. ” I believe I can fly”. And then maximus decimus meridius husband to dead wife,father to a dead son.And I will have my vengeance in this life of the next, knock me out of the air. LOL Great post. I think people think if he made good music surly he is a good person. As Charlie Murphy would say, “Wrong”.


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