One of My Favorite Things

Good morning beautiful humans, Happy Friday! Thank you for spending part of your morning with me. Welcome to Life with Lane.

Florida weather is beautiful

It’s that time again!! Yes, the Central Florida Fair is in town. I love the fair, I mean I absolutely love it. If you are wondering why, its obvious, I go for the food! You should all know me by now, I live for food. One of my favorite lines from the amazingly written movie, A Cinderella Story, “I’m only here for the food, Mother!”

Since I was a child, going to the fair or the carnival has been one of my favorite things! I look forward to going each year and I have yet to be disappointed. Sometimes its just the little things that make us happy. I enjoy the impossible and overpriced games you know you’re not going to win. I get a kick out of the guy trying to guess people’s age or weight. It makes my heart happy seeing little kids walking around with cotton candy and sticky fingers.

Candy apples are my favorite

What I love second best is getting on the Ferris Wheel at night and being able to see the city from above!

Its always such a beautiful site. I always eat the same foods; chicken on a stick, a cheeseburger, and I drink fresh lemonade. However, I had more than I should have. I had 2 roasted ears of corn, buckeyes, chicken kabobs with salad,

Chicken kabobs

a smoothie, popcorn, and we got candy apples to go. Oh, and I drank like 2 beers, lol! I was a fatty and I loved it! What can I say, in my voice from Tropic Thunder, “I get excited about my foods!”

Can you tell he adores me? Lol 😍

Who else loves the fair? Ahhhh i even love the smells. I can feel the pounds as I’m writing this, lol! Thanks for reading my blog! Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind. Follow me on Instagram @lashaunlee36

Life with Lane

12 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Things

  1. So ummmm you gonna eat that wing tip. I was waving at you when you where on the Ferris Wheel but you didn’t wave back. I mean gosh can’t a girl get a wave. lol. This was a great post. Love it. Keep it up

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  2. I went to the Strawberry Festival last week. I ate almost every thing that was strawberry there, and there were no disappointments. I would love to hear your Tropic Thunder voice!!


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