Valentine’s Day: I Appreciate It!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Thursday! Happy Valentine’s Day, thank for spending part of your Valentine’s morning with me. Welcome to Life with Lane!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Before I get started, I would like to wish my best friend of 19 years, LaKesha Sewell and DeAndre Sewell, A happy 10 year anniversary! I had the pleasure of being in their wedding 10 years ago today. It was the most elegant, beautiful wedding I had ever experienced! May God bless you with many, many more! Love you two

February 14, 2009

There are a lot of people that take issue with Valentine’s Day, I am not one of those people. Even when I was single I loved Valentine’s Day. You might think this is strange. When you’re in the restaurant/ hospitality industry and you’re at work and you see all these people come in with flowers, having nice dinner, and wine; you could be jealous or envious. I always thought it was sweet with maybe a slight tingle of jealousy, lol!

However, I love seeing people happy! I love seeing women happy! I love, love! I’m a hopeless romantic. It always makes me laugh when people say, “I don’t need a day to tell me when I need to give my wife flowers of take her out to fancy dinner; I do that all the time!” Well, just shut up Mr Romantic; clearly this isn’t for you then.” lol

Not everyone is romantic or thoughtful all the time. Some men do not think to bring their wife flowers home on a regular basis. Not all woman and men get taken to a fancy dinner. Sometimes it is just reserved for birthdays. As if birthdays are the only day you should get a nice dinner and cake! I personally want cake everyday. Some people are simply neglected but they know they will atleast get flowers, candy, a nice dinner, or all three, on Valentine’s Day! 

When you’re single, you know someone isn’t going to bring you flowers. If you don’t get flowers (or potted plants), nice good meal, or chocolates from your other half,  that is sad!

I’m speaking from past experience by the way. I was in my past relationship for 4 years and the only time I got a really nice meal was on Valentine’s Day and my birthday! I looked forward to it. If I wanted it any other time I bought it myself. 

I know getting flowers, candy, or a nice dinner isn’t everything in a relationship. Sometimes it’s the little things that keep a relationship together. Flowers go along way! 

From my Forever Valentine’s

So, when people get excited about Valentine’s Day, they have every right! It could very well be the only day they get flowers, dinner, or a gift during the year. Some people need Valentine’s day!

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Have a wonderful blessed day.  If you’re in a relationship and Valentine’s Day is the only day you treat your other half, remember the other 364 days are okay for gifts too! 

Happy Valentine’s Day!
My Longest Valentine’s Dusty and Onyx

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day: I Appreciate It!

  1. Yeah taking you out was getting a bit expensive. Thank God for Jim lol. Ill expect a refund for some of those dinners and movies and shoes etc etc lol. Jk Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.


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