The Healing Power of Aloe Vera

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Thursday! Thank you for spending part of your morning with me. Welcome to Life with Lane!


About a year ago,  I decided since I’m getting older I should try some new skin care products on my face. Some anti aging creams. You know, try to keep the crows feet and wrinkles away. I have very sensitive skin, so I talked to a friend and she suggested a couple of products to me.  I got 2 new products from Mary Kay; the 1st product that I tried dried out and broke out my skin horribly 😐

So, I returned the product and tried a different one and the exact same thing happened. I was horrified. In addition to drying out and breaking out my skin, it left scars on my face. As someone that has always had break out issues, this was beyond depressing to me. As a teenager, I used to get breakouts all the time and the pimples would leave awful scars on my face. I’m talking bad dark spots and bruising.

I decided to go to Publix and see what was there. I purchased one of those really large aloe vera leaves. I cut the skin off and then I took all of the I guess you call it the meat out, and squeezed the juice into a container. I threw the leaf away and every morning and every night I scrubbed my face with the aloe Vera meat.

I would leave it on my face for about 10 minutes and then when I got in the shower I would clean it off. After doing this for about three weeks; my skin was absolutely beautiful. In addition to me not having any more breakouts at the time; it also healed the scars (that took longer than 3 weeks) that were left behind from the other product that I used. It was absolutely amazing.


I decided since aloe worked so good for me and my skin; maybe I should try using it on my dogs. Both of my dogs have absolutely horrible allergies. I mean they sneeze, cough, and scratch all the time. Apparently schnauzers are known for having bad skin. Onyx has the worst allergies of the two of my dogs. I’ve taken him to the vet several times and he’ll get medicine for allergies.


I wanted to try something natural. He has a spot on his back where he’s lost his hair. I decided to put aloe on the spot every morning after I walk him. I cut the aloe leaf open and I rub some of the juice on the spot on his back where he lost his hair. I wait for it to dry; and then I put coconut oil on it. His hair is starting to grow back. I would add a picture but I didnt get his permission this time, lol! He won’t let me until more of his hair grows back!

In addition to me putting it on the spot on his back; I also put it where he tends to scratch the most. Once I put the aloe on him he doesn’t itch as much. Aloe is great for itchiness. Aloe vera has worked wonders for both of us.

I’m not saying aloe is the cure for everything but it helped us. So maybe give it a try. Its natural and its inexpensive.

Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed it.  Have a wonderful blessed day. Follow me on Instagram @lashaunlee36


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