My Occupation Does NOT Define Me!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Super Bowl Sunday! Thanks for spending part of the morning with me before you begin your festivities. Welcome to Life with Lane!

For years, I worked odd and end jobs; occasionaly I still do. You have to be quite the writer to earn a living in the beginning of your career. As long as I can remember I had this thought in my head that I was my occupation.

I worked as a server and as a hostess for many years. So, I looked at myself as being a hostess. There’s nothing wrong with being a host or hostess but that’s all I saw. I let my job define who I was and what I thought about myself.

I didn’t just think this about myself; I had often done that with other people. My friend was dating a guy that was a server sistant. When she told me she was dating him I said to her, “but he’s just a server assistant.”

After I few days past or maybe a week or two, I thought about that I had said to her. I was wrong and what I said wasn’t right. I realized he was more than that. He was a student, an artist, a creative thinker, but most importantly he was someone who loved her. He wasn’t his occupation. 

Neither am I and neither are you! Sometimes we get so boggled down with labels we forget who and what we are. We forget how great we are. I have no issues with labels but not when it comes to this! I (WE) ARE NOT DEFINED BY OUR OCCUPATION.

I’m Delma’s daughter, a sister, an aunt, a fiance’, a friend, a neighbor, Mom to Dusty and Onyx, a writer, an entrepreneur, amateur dancer (lol), foodie, traveler, adventurer, and most importantly I am a child of God! 

Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed it! Have a wonderful blessed day. Follow me on Instagram @lashaunlee36. FYI I’m the biggest Patriots fan but I really like that picture of me in my Todd Gurley shirt, lol! Go Patriots!!!

6 thoughts on “My Occupation Does NOT Define Me!

  1. Sadly but people do try to judge you by your occupation, it’s kind of human nature. I teach my children to treat the janitor the same way that they treat the principal at school. Someone has to do those jobs. My coworker works part time at Best Buy and he said so many people think that’s his main source of income and the single women that come there don’t think he has a chance w thm until he tells thm what he does full time lol


  2. That is the nature of the beast. Social status is the primary goal with people now that social media is the way of life. We have to show off the best aspects of our lives and represent ourselves as being well-rounded. Abundance in money, job, friends, what have you. We seek acknowledgement and acceptance with every post even through people we have never met. This creates narcissistic tendencies. Because of this, others think they need to be perfect and also define themselves by their “abundance”. Sometimes we need to step back from social media and enjoy the people we have in our lives for who they are, not where they come from. The people who struggle the most are the most humble. You can have a well respected job, big house, nice car and still be alone. All because you needed to step on people to get to the top. Your life experience is what defines you, not your occupation.

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  3. Great read and it’s true. As long as you know who you are and what you stand for. People can kick rocks. You are making you money and happy. I love you


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