Miracles, Do You Believe in Them?


Many people say Miracles can happen everyday, we just have to believe! According to the Webster’s dictionary,  the definition of miracle is “a surprising and welcome event that is not explicitly by nature or scientific laws and is therefore consider to be a work of a divine agency.” I am a huge believer of miracles. I have been since I was a child and will be until the day I die.

I recently found out someone that I know; his wife has a brain tumor/brain cancer. That is devastating news and so very sad. I told my sister about it and then she told me about a little girl that had a brain tumor that disappeared.

Last month an 11 year old girl that had an inoperable brain tumor disappeared. I mean her brain tumor miraculously just disappeared. She had been diagnosed earlier in the year and her chances of surviving were; well there was no chance. She was surely going to die and the doctors told her parents to enjoy the time they had left with her.


Today here we are and this 11 year old is still on earth with no brain tumor. If that isn’t a miracle then I don’t know what is! When my dog was sick at the end of November and the vet said he probably wouldn’t make it; I prayed for a miracle. I felt silly praying for a miracle for my dog, but that didn’t stop me for asking for it. I believed with all my heart that my dog was a fighter and he deserved more time on this earth. Onyx and I need him. He’s still here and each day he gets stronger.

My heart goes out to the family of 7 year old Jasmine Barnes. She’s the 7 year old that was killed in a drive by shooting near a Wal-Mart a week ago. There’s a sketch of the shooter circulating and I hope he’s found. I don’t know if a miracle is needed to find him, moreso of people working together and justice prevailing. Regardless I hope he’s found and her family can rest better.

Do you believe in miracles? How often do you think they happen? Do you believe in prayer?

When my best friend Heather passed away almost 7 years ago from brain cancer; I was devastated. I prayed for a miracle and my prayers weren’t answered. I never stopped believing in prayer or miracles. Sometimes what we think is best is only in our interests and not of the ones we love. Does that make sense?

Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed. Have a wonderful blessed day


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