I Remember When…….


I walked out of my house the other day and I saw a sight that made my heart smile. Three little children we’re riding their bikes! When they got off of their bikes; they went and got sticks and started making little figures out of sticks. You might say to yourself, “why did this make you smile?”

In the world we live in today, you don’t see children playing outside very much anymore. You especially don’t see them riding bikes and playing with sticks or climbing  trees. They are glued to tablets, video games, and whatever new technology they can get their hands on. Kids don’t play out in the yard anymore.


This might sound funny for my family to hear me say this. As a girly girl and a major bookworm growing up; playing outside wasn’t exactly fun for me, lol! My nose was always stuck in a book but I loved riding my bike.

I used to babysit my cousin Candace on the weekends twice a month and my aunt would pay me $20. I would use the money to buy 5 or 6 R.L. Stine books. He was my favorite author as a teenager. By the time I babysat Candace again I would have already finished those books that I purchased two weeks earlier.

I was such a bookworm but I enjoyed my outdoor activities from time to time. Although my Mother would have to make me go outside some of the time. I think her making me go outside made me appreciate nature more. Now as an adult I love being outside. I’m still a bookworm and a girly girl, but I love the outdoors.


I think we need to bring those times back. Times when kids played hopscotch, jump rope, hide and seek, red roover, and so many other fun outdoor games. We all need to be more active. We need to get our kids and teenagers off their phones, tablets, and other hand held devices and use our hands to hold a book, holla hoop, racket, or whatever. We need less kids, teenagers, and even adults being glued to the tv playing video games.

The world is a big beautiful place and it has a lot to offer. Why waste it by sitting in the house watching television all day? So grab your friends, kids, pets, or whoever and go for walk. Actaully it doesn’t have to be a walk; you can just sit on the porch and enjoy the sunlight or moonlight or rain. Just get out of the house


6 thoughts on “I Remember When…….

  1. I completely agree! I’ve always loved to be outside but I’m a bookworm too! I’d spend my days on the go and my nights wrapped up in a good book. That hasn’t changed for me. It’s funny when people assume I’m not “outdoorsy”. It’s actually my happy place!


  2. Oh my, this took me back, I loved playing outside as a child, riding my bike and playing with the other neighborhood kids. You’re right, things have truly changed, my youngest daughter is similar to you, her Christmas list was filled w books lol.


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