The Anti Resolution

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This year has flown by and it’s almost time to make another set of new years resolutions. You know, that list of things like eat healthier, go to the gym, read the bible more, be a better person, etc. It all sounds good and we do a great job for the first time month, maybe even up to two months. Then we completely just stop. We promise to start again but never get around to the list. How many of you are guilty of this? I’m usually pretty good with my New Year’s Resolution but this year I didn’t make any.

This year was my first year not making any. I am not sure why but I just didn’t want to. I may have had one and that was to start dating again but I don’t think that was a resolution, lol!

A few years ago I decided one week out of every month I wouldn’t eat meat. Guess what? I was able to do it. I don’t know why I did it maybe it was just wanted to see if I could do it! However, it felt good to accomplish that.


Now when I think about it, it was good having resolutions. They are goals really and it’s good to have goals! Goals give us something to look and work towards. I think making realistic goals and resolutions is the key. It’s okay to dream and think big; but its important to be realistic.

Like why would I write down I want to be peanut farmer knowing I’m allergic to peanuts? Lol!! Or be a whale diver knowing I’m allergic to water and whales!! Don’t set yourself up for failure. I’ve always been a person with big dreams but at the same time I am very realistic.

Do I believe anything is possible? I’m not sure but I do know being realistic is very important. As I’ve said many times before, “For a person to be a dreamer, one must first live!” Do you make resolutions? How do you feel about nothing being impossible?


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2 thoughts on “The Anti Resolution

    1. Hahaha! I think a major of people do the same thing 🤣😂🤣 That’s why I stayed away from it this year. However I will this coming year but make more relastic ones! We’ll cheer and support each other so we can make it happen!


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