A Woman’s Worth

Good morning beautiful humans! Happy Sunday



I have always been a girl’s girl. What I mean by that is I’ve always been a girl that gets along with other girls. I’ve always had all female friends. I support my fellow women. I’m not a caty woman, at least I don’t think I am and I’m all about supporting women. In a world where I feel like women are treated as second-class Citizens the last thing I want to do is be at war with other women. It’s already hard for us; I’m not going to make it harder by being in a fight with another woman.


We are constantly criticized for what we wear or don’t wear. How we parent our children (I don’t have kids but I see it with my family and friends), what size our bodies are, the people we hang with, how much we drink or go out, how much make-up we wear, I mean the list goes on! Its like nothing we do is good enough and it is very hard.

Us women have to stick together and value our worth as humans on this planet. We have to stop battling against each other. We have to realize that we are better sticking together. It is sad;but this is a man’s world and as women have to stick together. If we want to make a difference and make men, people, value our worth! There’s enough room for all of us to be successful. We don’t have to tear each other down.


There’s no need to judge each other for career choices, jobs, or whatever. You never know the reason for someone’s choices. We all have to do what’s best for us. We all matter and we are all worthy! Women are the future!

So let’s support, respect, and honor each other!


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