Season of the Germs!


I’m not sure if I mentioned this in my previous blogs but I’ve been sick for over 2 weeks. However, finally after being sick for over 2 weeks I’m starting to get better. What I realized during this time is that it’s really important to take care of the illness in the very beginning. Because by the time I left home half of my family was sick .

I will say this, as soon as I started to feel bad; which was the day after my birthday I started taking cold and flu medicine. Only to realize days later that I was taking sinus headache medicine and not cold and flu medicine. If you’re wondering how I made such a mistake a few months ago I put my sinus headache medicine in my cold and flu medicine box and I forgot about it. I was wondering why I wasn’t starting to feel better and then that’s my realize I was taking the wrong medicine.

I am a person that does not like going to the doctor and I always like to try over the counter and home remedies 1st and the doctor as a last resort. The reason why I say this is because when I go to the doctor they always try to push prescription drugs on me and I don’t mind taking medicine but sometimes I feel like they try to give you too much.

Now 2 weeks have past and I am still sick and now the inevitable has happened and I have to go to the doctor. I put the doctor off long enough and it is happening. Good news is I’m finally starting to feel better but I promised my Mother I would go. She said the same because her coughing was so bad the last few days we were home I was worried! Did I get her sick or is it just that time of year?

I have learned a few things over the years when I’ve been sick.

  1. Wash my hands several times a day
  2. Carry hand sanitizer
  3. Keep tissues with me at all times
  4. Drink lots of fluids (mostly water)
  5. Take medicine as soon as symptoms start
  6. Get lots rest
  7. See the doctor if you’re not feeling better in a few days
  8. Colds are highly contagious
  9. My dogs make me feel better
  10. Less contact with other humans the better (if possible)

So, stay warm and healthy this holiday season!

Thanks for reading my blog and don’t wait two weeks to go to the doctor like I did!


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3 thoughts on “Season of the Germs!

  1. I’ve been having to take care of myself as well because of my sinus around this time lol I need my head and throat clear as possible for auditions I’m happy you are getting better cuz! Love you!! This is great insight and help as well!


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