An Ode to Cool Breeze


Although I didn’t start, he happily sat next to my Mother at every basketball game and cheered me on for the total of seven minutes I did play. He did it with pride!

When I would walk around the stadium after track practice looking for my Mother’s car; his big yellow and green big foot would pull up. The biggest smile would cross my face. Oh how I loved that truck, saddened by the fact I never got to drive it. Happy that he was always there when I needed him.

I’m talking about my Stepdad! I’ve been writing most of my life and my first piece to ever be published was the poem I wrote about him. Its titled, A Ode to Cool Breeze.

He was so slim a cool breeze could sweep him away
And that is his where his name derived from
I didn’t come from his seed but he treated me like his rose
He doted on me and watched me grow
Came to every track meet and basketball game
Although I wasn’t very good and didn’t start
He watched from the front row and cheered me on
As my lovely Mother watched next to him in awe
An Ode to Cool Breeze the slim man that smoked Newports
But made sure my little sister wasn’t around to inhale the fumes
He danced at the drop of a dime to oldies music
And was easily the life of any party and made everyone smile
Took me to an auction and got me my first car
He walked me down the aisle to my husband in May
Although that didn’t last, he never went away
An Ode to cool breeze the man I simply called “Dad”.


Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed it. How many of you have a stepfather? Or a stepparent that made an impact on your life? Sometimes we don’t realize how someone has affected our life until they are gone. I know he knew how much I cherished him.

Have a wonderful blessed day everyone and if you want to follow me on Instagram my name is Lashaunlee36


2 thoughts on “An Ode to Cool Breeze

  1. That was MY DADDY. I love and miss that skinny man every single day. He was everything to me. He got me to watch boxing and Professional Bullriding. Every Sunday after church he had food ready for us. He smoked Checkers cigarette as well. My 49ers loving dad.


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