Making Strides


I wrote about this before ever since my best friend Heather Marie Lewis Thomas was diagnosed with breast cancer about 10 years ago I have been doing the making strides against breast cancer walk.

I haven’t always been consistent but when I do go I’ve had the same consistent partner, my little sister Danielle. She is always by my side when I do the breast cancer walk. She knows how important it is to me and how much I love, adored, and respected Heather. However, this year was different, not only did my sister join me; my friends Nicole and Cassie walked with us.


When I arrive at Lake Eola it warms my heart to see all of those people there supporting breast cancer survivors, the ones who are still fighting, and the ones that didn’t make it. It makes me so happy to look around and see so many beautiful people with all their creative pink clothing and accessories on display. Heather would’ve gotten a kick out of the costumes people wear, myself included.

I wore my usual bright pink fuchsia wig and my cute little pink tutu! Of course my outfit would not be complete without my Heather’s Feather tank top. But I did add something new this year, I wore breast cancer awareness socks and a really cute breast cancer bandana that I got from the Dollar Tree.


Although today was such a wonderful beautiful day I couldn’t help but feel sad for a moment. I was sad because Heather is not here. She doesn’t get to witness all the people that are trying to be a part of finding the cure, supporting survivors, and honoring the fallen.

She was such a beautiful soul. The entire time she was going through chemo and radiation she never once complained. She stayed positive and optimistic the entire time. She was such an inspiration. When I think about how strong she was; it makes me feel so silly when I complain about the small things in life. Things that really don’t mean much. I have to say to myself, “What would Heather Do?”

I’m glad Cassy and Nicole made it out to the walk with my sister and I. They got to see what can happen when people have the same end goal in mind. When love wins!

Another one in the books for the win! God is good and my he continue to watch over Heather’s children and all the other families that have lost loved ones to breast cancer!


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