A Night of (paid for) Terror!



I recently wrote about how much I love Fall and all the things that come with Fall. As you know I live in Orlando, home to Universal Studios and Island of Adventures. Well, every year Universal Studios has Halloween Horror Nights and each year there is a theme. This time around the main attraction is Stranger Things. I couldn’t get past the first episode of that show, but hey that’s just me!  However, that doesn’t mean the scare house isn’t awesome.  I have already been twice, lol!

Halloween Horror Nights/ Halloween is on the things I look forward to in the Fall. You pay a small fortune to have the crap scared out of you . I mean literally that is what happens! Yet, I keep going back for more. Funny thing is, I don’t even watch horror movies anymore. I have turned into a complete wimp.

When I was growing up we would watch horror movies all the time. I mean all the time.  We would go to my aunt’s house and watch several horror movies back-to-back. However, I absolutely can not do that anymore. Maybe I’m not a wimp but maybe I just feel like watching horror movies is not entertaining to me. So, I don’t get why I like Halloween Horror Nights so much. I think it’s more so the experience. It’s really just about the fun, the delicious food and drinks, and the company that I go with.


I will say this though, I will be seeing the new Halloween movie, lol! Why am I so ridiculous? I mean I kind of feel like I have to see the original scream queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, back to her roots! Plus, I already have the Halloween shirt so I might as well go and see the movie and wear my shirt again. Get my $30 worth out of it 🤣🤣.


Back to Halloween Horror Nights, this year’s set up was really amazing. I think another reason that I like going is to see how good the creative team is and if I could have done better 🤣🤣. I’m a writer so I have a very expressive and creative mind.  I like to see how other people think and so the set up is very important to me. I like seeing what the backgrounds and characters look like in the houses. How realistic the makeup job has been done. How creepy are the mask and if they really took their time in the creativity room. I pay attention to everything.


I must say, they did an amazing job. So amazing, as I said earlier, I have been twice already. My favorite house was the Halloween/Michael Myers house. I like the creepy music from the movie and it was playing alot in the background. Plus, scenes from alot of the movies over the years were acted out. It was so awesome.

One of the scare zones was set up like the movie Child’s Play! That is one of my favorite movies, EVER. I find it hilarious that this 5 pound doll could overpower grown adults, lol! I even think they went as far as to hire the guy who talks for Chucky in the movie to do a voice over. It was very cool!

As usual, we had plenty of food and delicious drinks! We even got on a few of the regular rides. After being there for a few hours, the park got really packed and the lines were getting super long, so we left! It was a great experience and I got to go with my best friend!


Might have to go back one more time though. Both times I’ve been it’s gotten so packed we weren’t able to do the Poltergeist house. I’ve heard good things about it! 🎃🎃🎃🎃

Thanks for reading my blog and have a wonderful blessed day my friends!

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