Letter to my Grandmother


There are many things in life that I wish I could do. I would never steal but if I did, I would steal time, so I could go back and meet my Grandmother. I would thank her for having my Mother and ask her where I got my Diva like ways from!

I have several friends that still have their Grandmother, Grandparents and some of them even have their great grandparents. I find myself envying them and often I say to them, “Do you know how lucky you are to have your Grandparents?” I often get a sideways look but sometimes I’ll get the I know I’m lucky to have them. However, I’m not sure if they do.


If I were to just have one hour with my Grandmother (maternal) First, I would hug her because I would know I wouldn’t have her for very long. Then I would tell her how proud she’d be of the woman that my mother, her daughter has become.

I would let you know how my mother never broke down when things got so rough when we were growing up. The man that my mother married was not the best man and he was often very awful, but my mother was the best person we could ever had as a mother.


Most women would have probably broken down and maybe have run away but my mother stayed. Even if she was broken down and hurt she never showed it. She is the strongest woman I have ever known.

I would tell her, my Mother, her daughter, worked two jobs to make sure we had everything that we needed growing up. She literally just about broke her back to make sure we had things we needed. She was (is) fantastic.

I would tell her that she must have made quite the inkling on my Mother for her to be so strong and courageous. I would let her know that even with my Mother only having her until she was 16, she made a lasting impression on my mother. I say this because when I was growing up my Mother talked about my Grandmother very often. She would say how much our Grandmother would’ve loved us and how much we would’ve loved her.


I would tell her we have so much in common and its nice knowing I’m so much like her!I recently found out her favorite color was blue, she loved vegetables, and her passion in life was to help people! This is quite fascinating because my favorite color is blue, I love vegetables, and one of my passions is helping people.

Genes are such an amazing fascinating thing! Even when loved ones have left us and have been gone for years, they still live inside of us. Apart of them will always be with us. So, Grandmother Bernice, lovely lady I only know by photos and stories, I say thank you for having my Mother! Thank you God!

Hug your grandparents and spend time with them whenever you can! 😍😍🤗

8 thoughts on “Letter to my Grandmother

  1. I think your blogs are amazing and very deep . Wish you could have known your Grandparents . I’m sure they’re looking down and watching over with you and around you all the time. Keep up with your writing and some day you’ll be looking over your Grandchildren helping them.


  2. This was beautiful. Love you and your mom. She is a strong woman and passed those Genes to her amazing strong daughters!!


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