You don’t get to speak for me


I’ve always been a person, a human, a woman that isn’t afraid to speak up for herself. I consider myself to be very bold. I know when to bite my tongue and when to speak out. This comes from my Mother, who I think is the best woman ever!!! Standing up for yourself is a wonderful quality to have. This is something I learned at a very young age. When people realize that they cannot walk over you they treat you different. I rarely need someone else to speak up for me.
Speaking of having someone speak for me, I saw a recap of a rally on television and a woman on screen was holding up a sign that said Women for Trump. Then the camera moved over to an African American man and he was holding up a sign that read African Americans for Trump. Well, as an African-American woman, I can say I am not for Trump and those individuals do not speak for me! It is fine for both to support Donald Trump. That’s one of the great things about this country, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, etc. These two have every right to go to rallies and hold up signs, but they do not get to speak for an entire group of people. I didn’t ask for either of them to be my voice.


I thought it was odd that the people with these signs just happen to be the ones to make it to the camera 🙄🙄. I don’t mean to be political, but I have an issue with someone taking it upon themselves to speak for me. As someone that is very outspoken and not afraid to speak up when I need to, I would never take it upon myself to speak for someone else. I would only do that upon request or if I felt that someone was afraid to speak. Even then that isn’t very likely, but like I said, I know when to bite my tongue and when to speak out. I believe one of the worst things a person can do is take away someone’s voice.

How many of you agree with me? Are you afraid to speak up for yourself? Do you have an issue with this? Please let me know what you think…………
I hope you enjoy this blog!

10 thoughts on “You don’t get to speak for me

  1. I would have liked to work with you cause the work force needs people like you to stand up and question things that aren’t right.


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