Aging Dog or Narcolepsy


I know I write about my dogs a lot, but they are just so fascinating and entertaining. I spend a lot of time with them and because I’ve had them for so long, I have a lot to write about. As everyone knows, I have two dogs, my guy Dusty, who is a Schnoodle, which is a schnauzer-poodle. I have my guy Onyx, who is a Schnauzer-Maltese. Onyx is the oldest and he’s thirteen now and Dusty is my baby and he is twelve.

My boys have been together since Onyx was 11 months and Dusty was 5 months. They are both your typical hyper barkles McGee small breed dogs, but they don’t know it. According to them they can lick (fight) any dog that comes around, no matter what their size. It’s funny but it can quite the task when I walk them, and we see a big dog!

They are always so hyper and happy. As a matter of fact, they wrestle daily, several times a day and sometimes it can be overwhelming. Dusty is always the initiator because he’s younger and he always wants to play. Onyx is a little more laid back, so he typically doesn’t start the matches, but he normally ends them. But not the way you’d think……with a pin, but simply by going to sleep.

My boys will be wrestling, I’m talking full blown wrestling, chasing each other, and I’ll turn around because I don’t hear rumbling anymore and Onyx is sound asleep! I don’t mean he just walked away and laid down, he’s fast asleep. It’s the craziest thing. Of course, his brother still wants to play, so he’s over there slapping him on the face with his paw or nipping him so he’ll wake up, but Onyx doesn’t move! After two minutes of trying to wake his brother up, Dusty gives up and walks over to me and gives me that look like he’s saying, “Mom, Onyx won’t wake up and play with me, can you wake him up?”

So, Onyx has me wondering, can dogs have narcolepsy or is he simply getting old and needs his sleep? Needing more rest and frequently taking naps comes with age, so why can’t dogs be the same way? They are living creatures that get tired and need nourishment, so isn’t sleep included or is it a case of narcolepsy?
I had to complete some further investigation to figure this out. A made a chart to see how often my Onyx would fall asleep at the drop of a dime during odd times and it was frequently. For example, the two of them were wrestling before I got in the shower and I peeked out once I was in the shower and he was fast asleep. This happened twice that day and it happened all the time. Later on, I walked to the mail box and before I left they were both bright eyes and happy and when I got back, Onyx was yet again fast asleep.

Let me tell you, on most occasions, it took more than a few shakes to wake this dog up!
One another occasion, my alarm clock went off one day when I had an early appointment and he didn’t even move. What dog doesn’t wake up when an alarm clock goes off? A dog with narcolepsy. Luckily he doesn’t operate heavy machinery.


5 thoughts on “Aging Dog or Narcolepsy

  1. Dusty and Onyx are so cute and adorable. I think our pets like to rest when were in the shower or doing laundry and those kinds of things. Then they want to show us they’re alert and working for us to protect you.


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